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8 min readJan 4, 2022

SUNSET is an ambitious project that proposes an innovative and disruptive business model in the online travel agency market using blockchain technology as a tool to solve the underlying transparency problems and ultimately for the benefit of all stakeholders: visitors, the tourism industry, host communities and the environment even, yes.

What is the SUNSET project?

Sunset is a newly born project whose development status is in the concept design phase.

At this stage, a prototype of what will be a disruptive innovation to the travel and tourism sector is being built.
The Sunset project proposes the development of the first decentralized one
autonomous organization (DAO) in the travel market, where travelers and providers of travel related products and services trade with each other in a powered platform from blockchain technology, eliminating unnecessary intermediaries.

By removing third parties it intends to redirect travelers’ resources, such as time and money, to what is truly important, the travel experience and it is their commitment to revive awareness of sustainability issues and promoting sustainable tourism practices among travelers.

The travel and tourism sector was one of the hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, suffering a loss of nearly $ 4.5 trillion in 2020, with the contribution to GDP declining a staggering 49.1% compared to 2019, relative to a drop in GDP of 3.7% globally economy in 2020.

Approximately 62 million jobs were lost, an 18.5% decline, leaving only 272 million employees across the industry globally.

The contribution to world GDP dropped to 5.5% due to on going mobility restrictions.

National visitors

Spending fell by 45%, while spending by international visitors fell by one 69.4% unprecedented.
Although the COVID-19 pandemic has put the tourism industry on hold in its 10th consecutive year of sustained growth, it’s not a question of whether the industry will resume its growth, it’s a question of when. Industry insiders predict a recovery before the pandemic levels won’t happen before 2023.

Therefore, the following year of 2022 will be crucial for innovation in the tourism sector.

From time to time, the disruption of the travel and tourism industry has led to wave of innovation, followed by growth.

Innovation and integration of new technologies offer huge opportunities for industry growth and should be embraced.

Blockchain technology is poised to revolutionize the way people travel. The use of blockchain technology in tourism will provide a new experiencenentirely in the way people book travel tickets and hotel rooms, providing a safe environment and seamless user experience.

The global tourism market is expected to reach $ 11.38 trillionbby 2025.

Some of the ways blockchain is used in the tourism industry include: a decentralized payment system, customer identification, baggage handling, a
customer reward system, transparent company evaluations and more.

Sunset will work with a particular focus on domestic tourism and the growth of the staycation concept.

The problem: an outdated business model

Online travel agencies, also known as OTAs, are third-party platforms that allow the connection between travel-related product / service providers and travelers, helping the latter to search, compare prices and book transport, accommodation,
activities and more.

These brokerage platforms have many benefits for both
suppliers and travelers. For suppliers, OTAs act as a distribution channel by making them
reaching new customers and increasing their revenue, and this can be especially important for small businesses that don’t have such a large marketing budget.

The current OTA business model constitutes one of the biggest drawbacks to both suppliers and consumers. In the standard business model, the largest source of OTA’s revenue is based on fees charged by suppliers and inventory they provide. While these were below 10%, the commission rates went up
dramatically over the past decade. The fees charged by OTAs are generally between 15% and 30% (and sometimes even more) of the value.

The platforms spend a large proportion of the commissions they have collected on metasearch searches, where they bid against the provider who pays them the commission. Furthermore, OTAs impose restrictive agreements with suppliers that prevent them from being competitive in the market.

This intermediary can raise prices for all consumers, whether they buy directly from a supplier or through a business finder.

Therefore, the main problems of OTAs are the following:

• Non-competitive practices: unjustly high and unilateral commissions agreements (most favored nation and rate parity clauses);

• Misleading business practices: — fake discount advertising,search results skewed by commercial rather than by factors best deal for the client, hidden commission agreements;

• Lack of transparency: unclear search rankings (hidden informatio non promotional products), fake reviews (to harm competitors and self-promotion).

The Sunset Vision is to be the first to create a fully functional DAO and become the leading platform in the travel market, disrupting the conventional business model of online travel agencies through innovation.

By eliminating unecessary intermediaries, they intend to redirect travelers’ resources, such as time and money, to what is truly important, the travel experience.

Sunset is the solution to the problems mentioned above.

Sunset’s mission is to develop a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) in the travel market, where travelers and suppliers of travel-related products and services trade with each other on a platform powered by blockchain technology. Of by developing a decentralized application (dApp) in the travel market we can achieve the creating a transparent business model, therefore, increasing trust among all relevant ones stakeholders. In the development process it is our commitment to raise awareness on sustainability issues and promoting sustainable tourism practices among travelers.

The Sunset Vision is to be the first to create a fully functional DAO and become the leading platform in the travel market, disrupting the conventional business model of online travel agencies through innovation. By eliminating unnecessary intermediaries, we they intend to redirect travelers’ resources, such as time and money, to what they really are important, the travel experience. Because we believe that only our planet should be centralized, we want to inspire travelers to create a positive impact on the premises community and in the environment, and thus pursue a resilient future for generations to come.

The business model of the sunset

Our current closest competitors in the market have blockchain technology integrated into their conventional business model, a commission model that is characterized by the exploitation of suppliers of products / services, by the deception of customers with the inaccurate perception of lower prices and a lack of transparency regarding research rankings and reviews.

Using cryptocurrencies to boost transactions and pay rewards, they claim to be decentralized, but if they were truly decentralized, they would not even use the term OTA to describe themselves. The key to being truly decentralized is eliminate the need for intermediaries, and what is an OTA but an intermediary? Sunset differs by building every aspect required of management of our business model on a transparent basis inherent in blockchain technology e for the benefit of all stakeholders.

The Sunset dApp does not carry out intermediation operations therefore, no commissions are charged between suppliers and consumers parties, keeping our business away from deceptive business practices and yet, profitable. A key feature of our business model is that we use our own native cryptocurrency, the SNS token, as the main source of incoming profit of the project, regardless of whether it comes from trade (buy / sell) or hold tokens in the Sunset Wallet. We achieve it by promoting active and passive strategic use, and therefore circulation, of our token.
An important part of this strategy lies in a subscription model from SNS which will be revealed following the launch of The Sunset dAPP

Sunset’s native cryptocurrency, SNS, is a BEP-20 token created on Binance Smart Chain network and is the heart of the Sunset ecosystem. As a utility token, SNS can be used to purchase travel related products and services in the upcoming Sunset booking platform providing many different types of incentives to encourage use of the token.

Token functionality and usefulness

The characteristics of SNS are both all those inherent to blockchain technology,
such as decentralization, transparency, security, accuracy, efficiency, accessibility and
accessibility to everyone in the world, and those specific to the token such as the

• Zero transaction fees: Users are not charged commissions when trading (buy / sell) SNS as it is not part of the code design;

• Exclusive reward system: users will have many different possibilities of acquisition of additional SNS tokens, through loyalty, return, referral. The harvest Tokens can be redeemed for Sunset Travel related products and services platform.

• Transparent Review System: A transparent review system must be a feature of a transparent business model. The SNS token will be used to validate the the authenticity of a review and, therefore, promote consumer confidence.

The SUNSET wallet

The development of the Sunset Wallet will be a major step forward in
roadmap of the project as it will unlock a world of functionality in the next travel platform by allowing users to directly buy, hold and redeem SNS tokens for exclusive rewards.

The Sunset dApp

The travel platform will be a simple and intuitive user-friendly interface with a
modern and elegant design that will enable suppliers of travel related products and / or services
interact directly with consumers without intermediaries, thus eliminating complicated and
unnecessary steps that currently exist only to consume resources.

The interface will be dynamic with respect to the choices given to the customer, in the sense that it is suitable for users who want a complete planned trip within a few clicks and for those of more demanding users who want to plan every single detail themselves.
The platform will allow you to search and book any means of transport (plane, train, cruise, rent-a-car …) and accommodation (hotel, Airbnb, camping …) with the possibility of having the most important meals included (breakfast and / or lunch and / or dinner) made available by our partner restaurants, bars and cafes, etc.

The Sunset NFT market

One of our favorite upcoming features is the development of Sunset NFT Market.
Users will be able to collect NFTs as they travel the world and
around the Sunset metaverse; assemble collections that can be redeemed in the market for exclusive rewards.


A decentralized finance (DeFi) platform where the community trades precious
goods without the need for intermediaries between the parties


SNS is native cryptocurrency and the heart of the Sunset ecosystem.
It is a BEP-20 token coined by the BSC blockchain network with the smart contract address 0x052d4baf7f9df803baea33ffce4b5cbc013a9d2b.
It has an initial total supply of 1 trillion tokens, but buy-back and burn mechanisms are in place to reduce the supply until only 100 billion tokens remain.
As a result, increasing scarcity is expected to increase the value of each token over time.

SNS is designed to be actively used.
In order to obtain an increasingly outstanding offer, we have eliminated the transaction fee associated with trading (buying and selling) the token.
Yes, you read that right, no transaction fees!

However, we recommend that you keep some tokens, as with future project developments, you will be able to access a plethora of exclusive rewards simply by holding SNS, which will ultimately increase your purchasing power.
In addition, both using and maintaining SNS will give you the opportunity to have a positive impact on host communities and the environment, thus promoting sustainable tourism, when you travel around the world.

Currently the token is in pre-sale with a 10% discount with already assets — at the time of writing this article — of 16.5 BNB and being only at the beginning the opportunity seems tempting.
Furthermore, after the initial presale the real ICO will begin so it is advantageous to enter now as the first lenders, details will soon be available on the Sunset website and social media channels.

If you are missing the ICO, don’t worry, you will be able to purchase SNS in PancakeSwap.

Below I leave you all the social channels and contacts, and in the comments let me know what you think!

Until next time!

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