Q1 2022 Update

Dear Sunset community,

As we transitioned from phase 1 to phase 2 in our roadmap we decided to share with you what has been done so far and what is ahead of us in the upcoming months.

Because first things first, let’s start with the first round of $SNS token pre-sale which started in December 9th of 2021 and ended in January 9th of 2022, taking place in the cointool.app platform. This sale event allowed us to collect around 20 BNB, which is not an ideal amount to cover every aspect we needed to, yet it was enough to take some further steps in the development of the project, which we considered as a priority. The raised funds have been invested in their majority into the development of a minimal viable product, also known as MVP. The MVP is of vital importance for the next step in the roadmap, which we’ll talk about in a second, further ahead in this post.

The MVP works as a prototype of the platform we want to develop and deploy. Notice that, as a prototype, the platform is seeing its early days and still has a significant margin for improvement in order to ultimately benefit all relevant stakeholders. The platform is estimated to be launched on April’s 4th of 2022 under the domain sunset-dtravel.com.

We are aware that changes are difficult, and that what we propose is effectively a healthy but significant change to the how travel markets currently work, and having that in consideration, we decided to deliver a platform with a familiar frontend, in which users can identify many of the features they are used to when they visit a conventional travel platform, being easier for them to adapt to and to adopt Sunset. It was in the backend of the platform that we focused into be innovative, integrating blockchain technology into the business, connecting the entire ecosystem through our native token, SNS, and powering a meaningful step forward, in the decentralization of the travel and tourism industry as we know it.

With the launching of the platform we’ll be able to apply for launchpads and go through with SNS token public sale. This is an important step as it will allow us to move to open markets, starting with PancakeSwap, where we’ll create first liquidity pool(s), specifically SNS/BNB and/or SNS/BUSD pairs.


  1. Sunset’s MVP — Sunset-dTravel.com — will be launched on April 4th of 2022;
  2. We’re taking our MVP to launchpads;
  3. Ready, set, go! for public sale of SNS tokens — Fund raising;
  4. Add liquidity to PancakeSwap.

Besides liquidity, the capital raised will be used to: hire few developers specialized in blockchain technology; create a marketing budget and promote Sunset as much as it allows to, involving the community in the process either through giveaways or bounties with airdrops associated; hire community managers to help us with social media; take care of financial and legal obligations; amongst other uses.

We’ve been working hard and we’ll keep doing so and we’ll keep sharing with our beloved community as much as we can.

All major updates to the state of the project will be announced, as always, in Sunset’s official social media channels, if you don’t want to miss out any important news and announcements make sure to follow us!

Best regards,

The Sunset Team




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